As illustrated by the graphic above, effectiveness in "managing people" requires that employers:

      This important concept is the core principle upon which COR·TECH HR was founded in 1978, and to which it is committed today.  Our express mission is to provide a variety of comprehensive and up-to-date management tools needed to:  1) reduce employer exposure to costly employee related litigation, and  2) improve employee performance through better communication.   COR·TECH HR's proven turnkey methodology minimizes client effort while delivering the highest quality human resources management material, information, support, and training.

      We believe that COR·TECH HR's leadership is substantiated by the fact that we have served over 5,000 employers nationwide.  Over one million employees across the nation have received a handbook published by COR·TECH HR!

... COR·TECH HR clients include:

... COR·TECH HR services and products include: