The COR·TECH HR Management Advisory Hotline is an effective and affordable plan for employers to obtain valuable, up-to-date information and telephone assistance in handling human resources management-related matters (i.e. processes and documentation associated with terminations of employment and separation pay, setting conditions for leaves of absence that are subject to federal or state laws, dealing with conduct and behavior problems and related disciplinary action, interpreting complex wage and hour regulations, responding to unemployment claims, etc.). Also available is information regarding personnel practices that are customary and/or unique to your industry.

          For your security, the Management Advisory Hotline may be contacted only by pre-authorized managers and supervisors. It permits your management team to make informed decisions when dealing with the “people” side of their assignments. Calling the Hotline, for even the simplest of matters, can help you prevent problems and avoid costly litigation. The specialists who answer your calls are highly-trained human resource management professionals who understand your business and are familiar with your policies and practices.