* Comments offered by employees when making calls to the “Please tell us…Employee HOTLINE”.

“I had contacted an attorney to file a discrimination suit and, at this point, I’m NOT going to keep the appointment.  I think it’s great to try to solve it this way.”

“I think it’s a great idea because many times you can’t go to your managers.  They won’t listen.  They’ll only hear what they want to hear.  I feel better.  Thank you.”

“Things affect employees and they can call the Hotline to report any problems, so they can be resolved before they reach the point where people have to leave due to the problem.”

“I think other people should do it (call) too.  It is very helpful.  I should not have hesitated.  I should have called from the beginning.”

“I feel nervous because I don’t want anything to affect my job, but I feel comforted in knowing that I have an outlet which is higher than the managers.  I would not be well received complaining to the manager.  I think the 800 number provides a non-biased perspective.”

“If it wasn’t for it (the Hotline), I probably would have not said anything because there is no mediating party.  I feel better.  I think it’s great.  Otherwise, all I can do is just complain until I can’t take it any longer.”

“I think it’s a great idea, especially the anonymous part, because I feel like I can go into work a couple of days from now and don’t feel I’m going to be messed with because I reported something I feel is wrong.  I feel a lot better now that I’ve vented on you, though.”

“This is very good.  It is the best way to report problems where we’re really allowed to speak up.”

“I think it’s great.  It’s very helpful.  I appreciate the fact that if you have a problem you can call.  In this situation, my supervisor is the person I have an issue with.  And it’s nice that I can discuss this with a third party.”

“I think it is excellent, great.  People can express their feelings freely.  I want the company to solve the problem, but I don’t want to speak directly to my supervisor for safety reasons and fear of retaliation.”

“I think this is a good thing.  It will tell the company of wrong doings, and they can investigate and do what is necessary.”

“I think it’s a good idea because there are a lot of people who feel intimidated by their supervisors.  My supervisor is liked so much by his boss (our department manager) that you just don’t feel that you have a chance if you personally go to the next level.”


Employee hotlines have emerged as one of the most beneficial tools

available to employers in today's troublesome employment-law environment.

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