When employees are exposed to workplace dilemmas, they often feel that they cannot confide in normal channels without fear of retaliation.  Instead, they frequently turn to outsiders for intervention which can lead to costly lawsuits or government investigations–even negative publicity.  Fortunately, the Please tell us…Employee HOTLINE offers a better alternative!

Nationwide toll-free coverage 24 hours per day, 7 days per week (callers are not asked to leave recorded messages or voice mail).  Translation capable in over 100 languages.

Professionally trained live operators accustomed to dealing with employee frustration, anger, and stress.  Studies have shown callers are more likely to reveal sensitive information to a live operator with whom they can develop a rapport.

Confidential detailed reports delivered to a designated executive in your organization not later than the next business day by the method of your choice (typically e-mail or fax).  Plus, you receive immediate “heads up” advance telephone notification of urgent matters.

Proven reliable service for just about a penny per employee per day (including a full supply of customized flyers and bulletin board posters).




Employees who prefer not to call the Hotline toll-free number may submit their concerns on the "Please tell us ONLINE" secure internet site.  Reports submitted online come to you in same manner as those submitted by telephone.  The online feature is a no cost option available to all subscribers and also provides valuable SUGGESTION BOX and EXIT INTERVIEW features.


Employee hotlines have emerged as one of the most beneficial tools

available to employers in today's troublesome employment-law environment.

For more information on how to use COR·TECH's

to help you avoid costly problems, call COR·TECH today at 1-800-648-8558.
It's highly effective and very affordable!

COR·TECH...services for EMPLOYERS nationwide since 1978.

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