Solve problems before they become

costly employee litigation!

       Too frequently, employees with concerns or complaints regarding unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, safety hazards, and similar workplace issues feel they have no place to turn.  Shocking statistics show that the need for an employee hotline is undeniable.  Understandably, they often are afraid to confront their immediate supervisor, or to follow ordinary "chain-of-command" reporting procedures―even if you have a so called "open door" policy.  In some cases, even after contacting a higher level of management, employees issues are not addressed to their satisfaction.  It is for this reason that, more than ever, disgruntled employees are turning to the courts to resolve their problems.  This does not have to be the case!   You can learn about, and solve, employee concerns BEFORE they become costly problems by implementing an effective reporting mechanism.  That's why many of the nation's largest employers establish toll-free hotlines that permit employees to report their concerns to a neutral third-party.

       You too can experience the many benefits and features of an employee hotline by subscribing to the Please tell us...Employee HOTLINE offered by COR·TECH®.  It is an effective, affordable, and unbiased third-party provider plan for employers who recognize the value of effective, open employee communications as a deterrent to costly problems. It permits your employees to talk openly and honestly with a neutral party about workplace issues of unlawful discrimination, sexual harassment, safety hazards, or other workplace matters of concern to the caller. Your employees call toll-free and have the option of remaining anonymous or giving their name (in fact, most provide their identity).

Highly-trained HOTLINE operators carefully listen to the employees’ concerns, and probe for important facts and details (i.e., who, what, and when) without influencing the caller―they do not offer opinions or counsel. A comprehensive report of each call is promptly and confidentially transmitted to a designated executive within your organization.

An effective early warning system that increases your opportunity to discover, investigate, and correct workplace problems before they turn into costly liabilities.

A defense mechanism that sends a strong message to the legal system that, in addition to your well-written policies and active training programs, every employee is provided with more accessible reporting options.

A deterrent to unacceptable workplace behavior by supervisors and non-supervisors alike.  Very simply, the HOTLINE puts all employees on notice that their misconduct can be more easily reported to senior management than ever before!

A highly-probable affirmative defense mechanism recognized by the EEOC and U.S. Supreme Court.




Employee hotlines have emerged as one of the most beneficial tools

available to employers in today's troublesome employment-law environment.

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It's highly effective and very affordable!

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