Following is a summary of an actual HOTLINE call 

(the names have been changed to protect identities):

  Sue Ellis, Office Assistant, called to report alleged harassment.  She said she has worked in the Accounting Office since 1985, and that her immediate supervisor is Mr. Jim Stole, Dept. Mgr.  According to Ellis, Stole has been sexually harassing her and other employees off and on for almost ten years.

     The caller said the words recent example of harassment occurred on Wednesday of this week (December 19) at about 3:30 p.m., when Stole approached her as if he were going to give her a hug.  As Stole got closer, he reached down, grabbed the hem of her skirt with both hands, and lifted her skirt above her waist.  She was wearing a "loose fitting blue skirt" at the time.  As she pulled away from Stole, he reached over to another female employee, Pat Miller, and tried to do the same to her.  The caller has not spoken to anyone about this incident because she is "too embarrassed and humiliated" and does not want to lose her job.

     According to Ellis, Stole also has a habit of "patting the girls" as he passes by, and he tries to be "affectionate" by hugging and kissing female employees.  Ellis also reported that Stole tells dirty jokes, and most every conversation with him is mixed with sexual innuendoes and comments.  (NOTE:  In the full report, Ellis gave additional examples of Stole's alleged behavior.)

     Ellis said, "I'm sick and tired of having to put up with his behavior and am ready to call an attorney to get this problem resolved."  She believes just about everyone in the office knows of the problem, but doesn't know if anyone has reported it to the employer.

RESULT:  An employer investigation confirmed the complaints and Stole resigned.  The employees approved of the employer's action and DID NOT bring formal charges or file suit.


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