...personnel policy and procedure manuals are an overall resource guide for managers covering the company's entire human resources program and to help assure consistent actions and decisions.

...employee handbooks document and communicate your guidelines for acceptable behavior and performance, describe benefit plans, and contain information required by state and federal law.

The easy way to get the job done...
The Personnel Management Package®
...the comprehensive service package that delivers.

The Personnel Management Package does not force feed you with generic material. The project begins with a thorough evaluation of every aspect of your entire personnel program both what it includes and what it should include and the many legal issues and personnel practices unique to your industry that impact the human resource management function of your company.

Personnel Policy and Procedures Manual
Creation of a comprehensive personnel policy and procedures manual written specifically for your company. Equally important to assuring that day-to-day procedures are followed (documentation of personnel files, orientation of new employees, compliance with separation procedures, guidelines for disciplinary actions, proper documentation for FMLA and other leaves of absence, proper display of required posters, etc.), the manual provides an ideal training guide for new supervisors and managers.

Employee Handbooks
Creation, graphic design, and printing of employee handbooks that clearly communicate your personnel policies to ALL employees. Providing an overview of the policy and benefit subjects important to you and your employees, your handbook will be the communications tool that builds morale while reducing your exposure to costly problems.

Specification of all forms necessary in meeting regulatory requirements and effective management of the personnel function.

Supervisor and Manager Training:
As an optional feature, COR•TECH® provides management training in the up-to-date fundamentals and regulatory demands of personnel administration in today’s society.

Continuing support and assistance in keeping your personnel policies and practices current, and in handling human resource management issues as they occur.

...all tailored to the unique operations of your company.